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Published on 2010-03-11T01:01:48Z Indexed on 2010/03/11 4:41 UTC
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we been getting some attacks on our server i think, cause our server gets down every day now.. i want to monitor what is causing server to go down or if there is any attack from some site or if its crawler doing the attack.

is there any tool for this? if not, what should i do to find out what is causing the problem.


  • my server is linux
  • i have cpanel control panel
  • i haven't checked the logs
  • i have done nothing to see whatis causing the problem
  • thats why i came here to ask how can i find out what is causing the problem. there is guy from our server, he said its server ram, they told us to extend more ram, but there isnt many sites on it and not many load from that sites eaither, so i dont see why our 2gb ram is getting used at. so i want to find out :/

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