Now Customers Can Actually Locate Your Resources with URL Rewriter 2.0 RTW

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Published on Thu, 11 Mar 2010 19:20:00 GMT Indexed on 2010/03/12 0:37 UTC
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Today, Microsoft announced the final release of IIS URL Rewriter 2.0 RTW . Now the first reason might be obvious why you would want to rewrite a URL – when you are at a cocktail party with loud music and tasty appetizers and a potential customer asks you where they can get more info on your snazzy new idea. And you proudly blurt out next to their ear over the roar of the bass, “Just go to h-t-t-p colon slash slash w-w-w dot my new idea dot com slash items dot a-s-p-x question mark cat ID equals new...(read more)

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