Windows Server 2003 can't see Vista machine

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Hi there, I've got a real PITA problem that I'm sure has a really simple solution. I have a Windows Server 2003 machine that needs to be able to see the network name of a Vista box - but refuses to. It can see the Vista box (and even access its shared folder) if I enter the Vista box's IP address.

Problem is: SQL Server refuses to do Replication with anything other than the "actual server name". That means that the 2003 machine needs to be able to connect through the Vista machines network name... not just its IP address.

I'm guessing it's a simple incompatibility between OS's, but I'm sure there's got to be a simple way of fixing it.

Note: Yes, the Vista machine can connect to 2003 machine, no problem. And other machines in the office can connect to both the Vista machine and 2003 (they have more recent OS's).

Thanks for any help!

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