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Hi all,

I have an ASPX based component which I'd need to inlude into a plain ASP based script. Scenario is, that I'm working within an LMS system (Angel to be exact) and I wan't to create a new nugget within that framework. An Angel nugget is pretty much what a portlet is in the Java world.

Now, the nugget spec. states that my starting point has to be a file called default.asp. What I'd like to do is:

  • read relevant data from ASP session
  • pass data to ASPX component
  • have ASPX do it's job and display the results

My problem is that I fail to run / display my ASPX component without using an iframe, which I want to avoid since that crushes the layout / design of my nugget.

Is there a way to get this done properly or do I have to rewrite my component in ASP to get this going? Note: the component performs web service queries and such and I'd like to avoid rewriting that.

thanks for your thoughts!


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