Fedora 11 System - Failed Hard Drive Removed, and Boot gets GRUB Hard Disk Error

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Published on 2010-03-17T18:57:58Z Indexed on 2010/03/17 19:01 UTC
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I have a machine with a 120GB ATA drive that has what I thought to be non-essential data on it. I also have a 320GB SATA hard drive with the OS/Application/Files (good data I want to keep). My 120GB ATA is failing I believe, as my computer kept slowing to a halt. However, when I move the drive from BIOS my computer will not start, says "GRUB Hard Disk Error".

I know that my Fedora system has an LVM setup. I am looking to just remove the 120GB drive from "the mix", and just have one hard drive. How do I recover ?

Thank you. I have access to a Linux Live CD right now and can make any changes. However, it won't boot into my OS - it fails.

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