better to wait Drupal 7 to start learning Drupal, or no big difference with Drupal 6?

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Hi friends,

I'm going to start some projects in next weeks. I currently have my custom cms, but i wanna go for opensource cms solution from now on. and as i researched Drupal is COOL for any kind of project from small scope to most complex ones.

I have never used Drupal before, I know nothing about it yet. Would it worth to work on Drupal 6 for now, or better to wait for Drupal 7? is there any big difference about the way it works. i would feel silly to spend days-weeks to learn Drupal 6 now and after few months when Drupal 7 beta is out, a new learning curve and having troubles to upgrade to Drupal 7 my current Drupal 6 projects?

Thanks a lot!! appreciate advises!

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