Drupal 6: Drupal Themer gives same candidate name for different type of content types

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Published on 2010-06-03T09:56:33Z Indexed on 2010/06/03 10:44 UTC
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Hi friends,

I'm a drupal newbie...

I have different type of contents like News, Events, etc. and their content is different. News detail page has title-content text-date. but Events detail page has title-date-content text-location-speaker-etc. So I need different layout page for these different types. So, I enabled Drupal Themer to get a candidate name. for events page, it gave me page-node.tpl.php and it gives same for News page as well :( how can I separate these pages? I expected sth like page-event-node.tpl , but no... :/ Drupal Themer also give unique candidate name for event page like page-node-18.tpl.php but it doesnt mean anything since I can not create a general layout for all events by this node name. :(

Appreciate helps so much!! Thanks a lot!!!

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