Graphics card not working but integrated graphics is working

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I have a PCIe Geforce 6600 that I've been using in my PC for a couple years now without problems. Recently though I've not been using the PC and had it unplugged. When I when to use it again I accidentally plugged in the monitor to the VGA port for the integrated graphics instead of the 6600 card VGA port and began using it again (I'm currently running Windows 7). I then realized that I had the monitor plugged in wrong and switched the monitor to the 6600 port. Unfortunately I cannot get it to work. When the monitor is plugged in to the 6600 port the monitor will not display anything; not when booting up or in Windows (so I don’t believe the problem is Windows related). I've even tried booting a live CD for Ubuntu to see if that will recognize the card but no luck. Somehow it seems I need to "turn off" the integrated graphics and instruct the PC to use the 6600 card but I'm at a loss for how to do that. I looked high and low in the BIOS for a setting to do this but cannot find anything at all. I have a MSI motherboard and AMI Bios. Any ideas?

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