Higher-order type constructors and functors in Ocaml

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Can the following polymorphic functions

let id x = x;;
let compose f g x = f (g x);;
let rec fix f = f (fix f);;     (*laziness aside*)

be written for types/type constructors or modules/functors? I tried

type 'x id = Id of 'x;;
type 'f 'g 'x compose = Compose of ('f ('g 'x));;
type 'f fix = Fix of ('f (Fix 'f));;

for types but it doesn't work.

Here's a Haskell version for types:

data Id x = Id x
data Compose f g x = Compose (f (g x))
data Fix f = Fix (f (Fix f))

-- examples:
l = Compose [Just 'a'] :: Compose [] Maybe Char

type Natural = Fix Maybe   -- natural numbers are fixpoint of Maybe
n = Fix (Just (Fix (Just (Fix Nothing)))) :: Natural   -- n is 2

-- up to isomorphism composition of identity and f is f:
iso :: Compose Id f x -> f x
iso (Compose (Id a)) = a

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