How can I dynamically access user control properties?

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Im trying to create a "user control menu" where links to a page's usercontrols are placed at the top of the page. This will allow me to put several usercontrols on a page and allow the user to jump to that section of the page without scrolling so much. In order to do this, I put each usercontrol in a folder (usercontrols) and gave each control a Description property (<%@ Control Language="C#" Description = "Vehicles" .... %>).

My question is how can I access this description dynamically? I want to use this description as the link in my menu. So far, I have a foreach on my page that looks in the ControlCollection for a control that is of the ASP.usercontrols type. If it is I would assume that I could access its attributes and grab that description property. How can I do this? (Im also open to a better way to achieve my "user control menu", but maybe thats another question.) Should I use ((System.Web.UI.UserControl)mydynamiccontrol).Attributes.Keys?

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