IIS 6.0 Server Too Busy HTTP 503 Connection_Dropped DefaultAppPool

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We have a site which is running on a windows 2003 cluster with 2 64bit machines.

The site needs to be able to cope with over 20,000 concurrent users

One of the things that the site does is to allow the download of a 2MB file (which is cached in memory).

We have low CPU and memory usage. We also have surplus bandwidth.

It appears that we are running out of connections due the time it takes the user to download the file (some users have slow internet connections).

In the IIS log we get HTTP 503 errors.

In the HTTPErr log we get mainly Connection_Dropped DefaultAppPool with some Timer_EntityBody DefaultAppPool.

Question is: How can we configure IIS to allow more connections? Or is there something that I am missing here?



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