Printer Redirection from 2003 Terminal Server to 2008 Terminal Server

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Our environment is a terminal server cluster (Win2003 servers) that everyone connects to do do their work. I have set up a new Win2008 R2 machine with the intention of using it to publish our main application to the TS farm. The idea was to keep this server dedicated to one application to avoid driver/dll conflicts with other software.

I created a RemoteApp on the new server and made an .rdp file and placed it on the desktop of our TS farm servers.

The problem I am running into is that when I connect to the RemoteApp, it doesn't show the printers that are installed on the TS server I am connecting from. We have over 20 printers installed on our TS servers, each with different drivers and permissions. I really do not want to reinstall all of these on the RemoteApp server so I was hoping Printer Redirection would handle this.

It would appear that because the RDP client for Server 2003 x64 is 6.0, that version doesn't support the Easy Print feature (requires 6.1). I can't find any newer version on the MS site to download for Win2003 x64.

How can I get the printers on the TS farm machine to redirect so they are viewed by the RemoteApp machine?

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