using (Fluent) NHibernate with StructureMap (or any IoCC)

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On my quest to learn NHibernate I have reached the next hurdle; how should I go about integrating it with StructureMap?

Although code examples are very welcome, I'm more interested in the general procedure.

What I was planning on doing was...

  • Use Fluent NHibernate to create my class mappings for use in NHibs Configuration
  • Implement ISession and ISessionFactory
  • Bootstrap an instance of my ISessionFactory into StructureMap as a singleton
  • Register ISession with StructureMap, with per-HttpRequest caching

However, don't I need to call various tidy-up methods on my session instance at the end of the HttpRequest (because thats the end of its life)?

If i do the tidy-up in Dispose(), will structuremap take care of this for me?

If not, what am I supposed to do?



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