How can I get JUnit test (driven from Ant script) to dump the stack of exception that causes failure

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We run JUnit test from Ant script, as follows. When the test failed, I expect it to output the stack dump of the exception that casuses the failure, but it doesn't. Is there any trick to get it dumped?

<target description="Run JUnit tests" name="run-junit" depends="build-junit">
    <copy file="./AegisLicense.txt" tofile="test/junit/classes/AegisLicense.txt" overwrite="true"/>
    <junit printsummary="yes" haltonfailure="no" fork="yes" forkmode="once" failureproperty="run-aegis-junit-failed" showoutput="yes" filtertrace="off">
        <classpath refid="Aegisoft.testsupport.classpath"/>
            <pathelement location="test/junit/classes"/>
            <fileset dir="test/junit/src">
                <include name="**"/>

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