OpenVPN DNS: VPN DNS stomping local VPN

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Published on 2010-03-23T17:35:52Z Indexed on 2010/03/23 17:43 UTC
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I've finally noodled with OpenVPN enough to get it working. Even better, I can mount samba drives, ping network machines through the TUN device, etc - it's all great.

However, I'm noticing that if I have the directive:

push "dhcp-option DNS" # Push our local DNS to clients

Then some of the machines that are normally visible by the client, on the client's side (i.e., not through the VPN) get masked with some other server out on the Internet.

Is there any way to avoid this, besides hacking the 'hosts' file on the client machine? Ideally I'd like to only use my VPN's DNS for machines within that domain.

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