Remove Dell Openmanage from Windows 2008

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I have installed Dell Openmanage Server Agent 4.2.2 on Windows Server 2008. I need the newer version, so I need to install this version first. However, outside some registry references pointing to sources that aren't there, there is little or no trace of it being installed. For example, no trace of the program files or an entry in Prgrams And Features. Still, installing a newer version keeps coming up with an older version that needs to be removed first. When I try to install version 4.2.2 to repair and eventually remove it, it gives an error:

Dell Openmanage Server Agent - Error

An error was encountered while testing machine type. Failure openingen required handle to .DLL. Dell Openmanage Server Agent cannot continue the installation. Setup will exit now.

I haven't found anything using different parts of the error messages as search terms.

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