XmlNode.SelectNode with multiple attribute.

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One of my nodes inmy xml file is as follows.

  <LOGIN_ID NAME="Kapil">
    <SEARCH_ID>Kapil Koli</SEARCH_ID>
    <EMAIL_ID>[email protected]</EMAIL_ID>

The code I am using is -

XmlDocument document = new XmlDocument();
nodeList = document.SelectNode."USERS/LOGIN_ID[contains(SEARCH_ID,'Kapil')";
nodeList = document.SelectNode."USERS/LOGIN_ID[contains(EMAIL_ID,'[email protected]')";

I want to use select node which will accept search_id and login_id as attributes to search? If either search_id or email_id is wrong, I want to return null. How could I do this?

thanks. kapil.

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