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When I have a set of either check boxes or radio buttons I often need to have an Other choice. This check box or radio button is very often accompanied by a text box where the user is supposed to fill out what this Other is.

How do you usually handle this set up? What kind of markup do you use? What do you require in your validation? Do you use java script for anything? For example:

  • How do you make the form accessible? Do you use and how do you use the label tag, for example.
  • Do you connect the check box and text box in any way with some javascript? For example, do you activate the text box when the check box is checked? Do you check or uncheck the check box automatically if the text box is filled out or cleared?
  • Do you let validation fail with error messages if the check box is checked but the text box is not filled out, or if the text box is filled out but the check box is not checked? Or do you just consider it not filled out and not checked?

Very unsure how to best deal with this issue, so any advice and examples are most welcome c",)

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