Learning WPF and MVVM - best approach for learning from scratch

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Hello, I've got about three years c# experience. I'd like to learn some WPF and the MVVM pattern. There are a lot of links to articles on this site but I'm getting a little overwhelmed. Would a sensible approach for a begginer to be forget mvvm for a while and just quickly learn a bit a of WPF, then come back to MVVM?

I had a leaf through this book in work today, it doesn't seem to mention MVVM (at least not in the index). I was pretty surprised by this as I thought MVVM was supposed to be the "lingua franca" of WPF?

Also I've just started working at a new company and they are using MVVM with WinForms, has anyone come across this before?

Can anyone recommend a book that will teach me both WPF and MVVM?

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