Mount points disappear from network share directory listing

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When browsing a network share which contains volume mount points, said mount points disappear from the directory listing. The mount points are still accessible directly by path, just not present in the directory listing.

The machine is a Vista SP1 32 bit machine. It has a network share that contains volume mount points to the volumes of the Vista machine (created using the SetVolumeMountPoint API).

When browsing the network share from another computer (either Win7 64 bit, Win7 32 bit or Vista SP1 32 bit) using Windows Explorer the following problem occurs:

  1. First, both volume mount points called C, D appear fine.
  2. I browse into directory C and see all its contents properly.
  3. I go back to the root of the shared folder and now I only see D. C has disappeared from the directory listing.
  4. I enter D and see all its contents.
  5. Go back to the root of the shared folder and now it's empty. D disappeared as well.
  6. If I manually go to \\<path to shared folder>\C from the address bar - then all is fine and I can browse its contents (same with D).

The same issue does NOT occur when creating a similar share with volume mount points on Windows XP SP2 or SP3.

Has anyone came across this problem?
Any ideas how to work around it?

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