How does software installation in Linux work?

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I am new to Linux and trying to set up a server. For this project I need some additional software, but how to install the software I'm interested in is not always obvious.

For example, this was my experience with a PHP package called htscanner:

  1. There is no installation guide on the website.
  2. The website says that the version I used did not have any dependencies, but this is incorrect. "Release 0.8.1: No dependencies registered."
  3. There is no configuration guide on the website. After I managed to get it installed it still didn't work. I decided to just uninstall it and find a better solution.
  4. Uninstalling isn't straightforward; the best answer I got is to manually look for the files and delete them.

What are the basic concepts of installing and uninstalling software on Linux? How is this supposed to work?

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