WCF, Timer Jobs, Web Service which is better ???

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I am working with a Web application, based on Asp.Net 3.5 and WSS 3.0 platform. Recenlty i've got a task as follows.

Import bank statement using FTX - Desktop application and parse those statements into database in every 24 hours

ie. i need to download bank statement with the help of a desktop application(which i can call by batch file). Then i have to go through each statement(text file) and convert those data into our database for future reference.

As far as i know, .Net provides the following options to implement such a functionality.

  1. SharePoint Timer Jobs
  2. Web Services
  3. WCF
  4. Windows Services

I would like to go for SharePoint Timer Jobs, but there are some plans to move whole application to Asp.net platform. I am interested with WCF since i haven't much experience with WCF applications, but not in a position to take final decision :)

Which is the most suitable way for this kind of task? Please suggest.

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