Remotely sync Time Machine drives

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Published on 2010-02-26T15:47:02Z Indexed on 2010/04/02 5:03 UTC
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I have an Xserve that runs Time Machine to a local terabyte drive. I also connected my external terabyte drive for a time period and had Time Machine use it to establish the seed data.

I plan to take my drive back home with me (out of state) and have the Xserve return to using its local drive for Time Machine. But when I get back home, is there a way to keep my external drive's copy of the Time Machine Backups folder in sync with the Backups folder back on the Xserve? I'm wanting a full copy of the history (makes an awesome remote backup).

I've thought of using the unix command rsync. In fact, that's how I had been doing it but I was looking the compactness that Time Machine was able to achieve.


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