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Published on 2010-03-04T05:24:20Z Indexed on 2010/04/03 14:33 UTC
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Hello. I'm really interested in learning really advanced features of WPF to learn how to create advanced controls, but apparently I'm running out of resources, and possibly, imagination.

I have these 4 books:

  1. WPF Control Development Unleashed Experiences
  2. Pro WPF 2008 Presentation Professionals
  3. Programming WPF Chris Sells
  4. WPF in Action Visual Studio 2008

One finished, two other half way, the other one just started. I sort of expected more from the "WPF Control Development Unleashed" one.

Anyway, do you know any more books about advanced WPF features, and control building? Or even about how WPF works internally. Let me know what are your favorite WPF books, maybe I've overlooked some of them.


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