Linux: setting up an elite/high-anonimity Web proxy on a dedicated server

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I'm renting a dedicated server which I'd like to use to "surf the Web": basically I want to always surf the Web from the same static IP (the one of my dedicated server).

I can do it by running Xvnc/FreeNX on the dedicated server, but this is kinda slow and clumsy (I tried it).

What are the steps needed to install an "elite/high-anonimity" Web proxy on a dedicated (Debian) Linux server knowing that my two requirements are:

  1. I'm the only person that needs access to the proxy
  2. all I want is that my broadband (dynamic) IP is completely hidden (I want to always surf from my dedicated server's IP).

Note that using the static IP people can find my domains and my real name and I'm perfectly fine with that (actually it is what I want). What I don't want is people knowing from which dynamic IP (broadband) I'm connecting.

What are the steps needed to do that?

(basically I don't care about "anonimity", what I want is to appear to surf from a static IP and I think I need what is called an "elite" Web proxy to do that, but I'm not sure)

Technical infos and sample configuration most welcome :)

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