Samba 3.3 or later on Slackware 12 - how do I make this happen?

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I'm trying to upgrade the Samba server on a Slackware 12 box to serve as PDC for Windows 7 32bit machines (it now has a 3.0.3 and does the job for Win XP machines, but 7 refuses to join the domain - I'm posting this after having tried a few dozen hacks on the windows registry).

I'm a newbie on Slackware (I usually dwell in Ubuntu) so I may be going about this the wrong way but this is what I've done so far:

The Samba wiki has a couple of hacks for the registry and also seems to suggest a version later than 3.3 (though not in so many words)

Having scoured the net for later Samba binaries for Slackware 12 and gotten precisely nowhere, I decided that maybe I could compile the blessed thing. But I keep on getting compiler errors. I'm using this SlackBuild script

Is there a better way to make this happen? (without upgrading the base system? it has so many finely tuned things running that I don't want to mess with the rest of the setup).

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