Is ASP.NET MVC destined to replace Webforms?

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I found these questions, but a couple of them were a little old:

I do not believe these are duplicates and might be old enough that new light can be shed. If not please close this.

I know that no one framework or language is necessarily the only tool for every job. But, do you see MVC eclipsing webforms or webforms going lower on the priority list for Microsoft? They will have to keep webforms for a long time because so many have invested in it, but they don't have to keep adding new functionality for it.

I don't know if this is a good example, but it reminds me of web parts. I never saw much improvement in it from Microsoft. It works and I thought it was great until I started to really try and get a lot out of it. Then from what I could see it just wasn't being pursued by Microsoft that much, though it stayed in Visual Studio. Maybe that's a bad example; just what I remembered.

EDIT: Also, if anyone has any statements from Microsoft on this subject it is appreciated. No offense to anyone. I was only hoping for something official.

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