Rails paperclip problem

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I have uploaded the video into my rails application by using thoughtbot-paperclip then the video is converted into "flv" format by using ffmpeg. For your reference here I specified some of my model sample code:


has_attached_file :source,:styles => {:thumb => "137x85>" }

If i specified :url or :path option it doesn't worked correctly.

In my view I played my video by using the following line:

<%= @model.source.url.gsub(/\?.*/,'')%>

If i use <%= @model.source.url%>, the video is not played.

When do the puts for video url it shows me the video URL as /source/original/sample/sample.fly?22000009. I knew that the last portion is a timestamp, but i want to use <%= @model.source.url%>. What's my mistake here can any one correct me please?

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