How to determine values saved on the stack?

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I'm doing some experimenting and would like to be able to see what is saved on the stack during a system call (the saved state of the user land process). According to it shows that the various values of registers are saved at those particular offsets to the stack pointer. Here is the code I have been trying to use to examine what is saved on the stack (this is in a custom system call I have created):

asm("movl 0x1C(%esp), %ecx");
asm("movl %%ecx, %0" : "=r" (value));

where value is an unsigned long.

As of right now, this value is not what is expected (it is showing a 0 is saved for the user value of ds).

Am I correctly accessing the offset of the stack pointer?

Another possibility might be could I use a debugger such as GDB to examine the stack contents while in the kernel? I don't have much extensive use with debugging and am not sure of how to debug code inside the kernel. Any help is much appreciated.

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