Obtaining IP addresses in Bittorrent

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Published on 2010-04-08T23:35:40Z Indexed on 2010/04/08 23:43 UTC
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I am trying to get a list of IP addresses serving or downloading a file. What I did was to contact a tracker like openbittorrent.com to get the following (as part of the scrape file):


Now, the long string in the beginning is the info hash. As a next step, I did this:


It gave me back the following. So far so good. The message contained this:

d8:completei0e10:downloadedi0e10:incompletei2e8:intervali1931e12:min intervali965e5:peers12:U????????^@^@e

Can someone tell me what should I be doing after this to get the IP addresses currently serving the file or downloading it?

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