Podcast Show Notes: The Red Room Interview – Part 1

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The latest OTN Arch2Arch podcast is Part 1 of a three-part series featuring a discussion of a broad range of SOA  issues with three members of the small army of contributors to The Red Room Blog, now part of the OJam.biz site, the Australia-New Zealand outpost of the global Oracle community.

The panelists for this program are:

(You can also follow the Red Room itself on Twitter: @OracleRedRoom.)

The genesis of this interview goes back to 2009, and the original Red Room blog, on which Sean, Richard, Mervin, and other Red Roomers published a 10-part series of posts that, taken together, form a kind of SOA best-practices guide, presented in an irreverent style that is rare in a lot of technical writing.

It was on the basis of their expertise and irreverence that I wanted to get a few of the Red Room bloggers on an Arch2Arch podcast.  Easier said than done.

Trying to schedule a group interview with very busy people on the other side of world (they’re actually 15 hours in the future, relative to my location) is not a simple process. The conversations about getting some of the Red Room people on the program began in the summer of 2009. The interview finally happened at 5:30 PM EDT on Tuesday March 30, 2010, which for the panelists, located in Australia, was 8:30 AM on Wednesday March 31, 2010. I was waiting for dinner, and Sean, Richard, and Mervin were waiting for breakfast.

But the call went off without a hitch, and the panelists carried on a great discussion of SOA issues.

Many thanks to Gareth Llewellyn for his help in putting this together.

SOA Best Practices

Here’s a complete list of the posts in the original 10-part Red Room series:

  1. SOA is Dead. Long Live SOA by Sean Boiling
  2. Are you doing SOP’s instead of SOA? by Saul Cunningham
  3. All The President's SOA by Sean Boiling
  4. SOA – Pay Now or Pay Dearly by Richard Ward
  5. SOA where are the skills? by Richard Ward
  6. Project Management Pitfalls within SOA by Anton Gouws
  7. Viewing SOA as a project instead of an architecture by Saul Cunningham
  8. Kiss and Tell by Sean Boiling
  9. Failure to implement and adhere to SOA Governance by Mervin Chiang
  10. Ten Out Of Ten by Sean Boiling

Parts 2 of the Red Room Interview will be available next week, followed by Part 3, so stay tuned: RSS

Change in the Wind

Beginning with next week’s program, the OTN Arch2Arch Podcast will be rechristened as the OTN ArchBeat Podcast, to better align with this blog. The transformation will be painless – you won’t feel a thing.


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