Exchange Server 2007 Forwarding Circles

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Hello, I asked a question quite a while ago about two members of an organization who wanted to receive all of each other's emails, and yet maintain seperate mailboxes. (so all emails to mike@company get sent to mike and dave and all emails to dave@company get sent to mike and dave).

At the time, I actually only needed to implement one side of this (only mikes emails got sent to both receipients) and (with the help of ServerFault) I set up forwarding on dave's inbox so that all of his emails would also be sent to mike.

I'm now in a situation where I have to implement the other side of this relation (such that mike's emails will also forward to dave). I still remember how to set up the forwarding rule, but I'm worried that I might be creating a circular forwarding rule such that mike@compnay forwards to dave@company which forwards to mike@company and so on. Can anyone clear up my confusion (just want to make sure I don't make a stupid mistake). Thanks a ton

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