How do I compile Android Browser (or other android-supplied applications)

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I want to add support for Arabic (or other languages which are currently unsupported) to the applications supplied by android platform (e.g. Browser) without having root-access.

To add Arabic support (at least displaying only) in a normal application (using developer SDK), I will need to:

  1. Add fonts
  2. Modify (reshape) the characters to be rendered
    For illustration, if I have string a aaa, I will need to change a aaa into a bcd because letter a at the beginning, middle, and end of a word need to be changed to b,c and d respectively)

But now I want to compile android's Browser (and other apps). I am planning to get the source codes for these applications and their dependencies and bundle them as stand-alone applications which do not require root-access, and thus do not void the warranty. Other solutions which void the warranty can be obtained here.

My Questions:

  1. Is the application's (e.g. Browser's) source code + 'developer SDK' enough to accomplish this? Do I need to get the source code + the development environment for the android platform?
  2. Any tips?

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