replace characters which do not matches the ones in a regex

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Hi, I have this regex:

private static final String SPACE_PATH_REGEX ="[a-z|A-Z|0-9|\\/|\\-|\\_|\\+]+";

I check if my string matches these regex and IF NOT, i want to replace all characters which are not here, with "_".

I;ve tried like:

private static final String SPACE_PATH_REGEX_EXCLUDE ="[~a-z|A-Z|0-9|\\/|\\-|\\_|\\+]+";
if (myCompanyName.matches(SPACE_PATH_REGEX)) {
            myNewCompanySpaceName = myCompanyName;
        } else{
            myNewCompanySpaceName = myCompanyName.replaceAll(SPACE_PATH_REGEX_EXCLUDE, "_");

but does not work..., so in the 2nd regex "~" seems to not omit the following chars.

Any ideea?

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