Find multiple regex in each line and skip result if one of the regex doesn't match

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I have a list of variables:

variables = ['VariableA', 'VariableB','VariableC']

which I'm going to search for, line by line

ifile = open("temp.txt",'r')

d = {}

match = zeros(len(variables))
for line in ifile:
    for i in range(len(variables)):
        regex = r'('+variables[i]+r')[:|=|\(](-?\d+(?:\.\d+)?)(?:\))?'
        pattern_variable = re.compile(regex)
        match[i] = re.findall(pattern_variable, line)

        if match[j] == []:
            emptyCells = emptyCells+1

    if emptyCells == 0:
        for k, v in match[j]:
            d.setdefault(k, []).append(v)

The requirement is that I will only keep the lines where all the regex'es matches!

I want to collect all results for each variable in a dictionary where the variable name is the key, and the value becomes a list of all matches.

The code provided is only what I've found out so far, and is not working perfectly yet...

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