ssh through a bastion machine works on someone else's desktop but not my own

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I have to ssh into a bastion (jump) server in order to get to the final server.

On the jump server, my .ssh/config says:

Host *
 ForwardAgent yes

My co-worker uses PuTTy and Pageant. When I use a putty shell to connect from his desktop to the final server as root via the jump server, it works fine.

At my desk I cannot connect to the final server, only the jump server.

However, if I go to his desk, and successfully log into the final server via the jump server, I can then go back to my desk and also do so.... but after a certain amount of time, my shells revert to the original behavior of not connecting to final server via jump server.

The entire transcript of ssh -v -v -v final_server is here

The relevant part to me is when the public key is offered but then it says 'we did not send a packet':

debug1: Offering public key: /home/CORP/t.brannon/.ssh/id_dsa
debug3: send_pubkey_test
debug2: we sent a publickey packet, wait for reply
debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,password
debug2: we did not send a packet, disable method
debug3: authmethod_lookup password

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