Color Profiles in Windows 7 vs. XP

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I have a Brother Color Laser Printer and an HP 8150DN. I have a local Windows 7 Pro machine that I do graphics work on. I created a letterhead that when printed from my machine looks dark and rich on either the mono HP or the color Brother laser.

I take this same letterhead, and move it onto our network for use by our users which are all on XP. Then they print the same file, it is washed out on either printer. I've confirmed that the printer settings we're using are identical. I've confirmed that its not related to the program or even specifically to the letterhead. I can duplicate this with other files too. I'm down to XP vs Windows 7 being the issue.

I'm fairly certain now that color profiles are involved. I have no clue how to fix it though. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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