RAID 5 RECONSTRUCT with RAID Reconstructor

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I have Dell Poweredge server 2600 with Raid 5 in 3 hard drive Scsi 36gb each, it was fail to boot sinc the third drive is offline.

I attached Sata card adapter to Sata hard drive and install OS SERVER 2003 to it, downloaded drivers for Raid and everything goes fine when I use recovery data software called "GetDataBack" from here but the problem that not all data recovered, I am still looking for importants data with about 5 GB size.

I have another software called "RAID Reconstructor" from "" I thought if I run it to reconstruct that will help to recover more data and put the third drive to be Online but I am afraid that might erase the current data in the other drives.

Please I need your advise in how I could retrive the remaining data? Thanks

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