Join Production Server 2008 to 2003 domain

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Published on 2010-04-18T03:06:12Z Indexed on 2010/04/18 3:14 UTC
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I administer a production server for a .com. It is live right now. Server 2008 x64 IIS 7 SQL 2008 PHP MYSQL

I have another server which is a DC Server 2003 x86 and a warm standby for the website, sql, DFS, exchange queue. In order to get DFS going to transfer user photos and other content I need it in the domain.

My question is, What preparations do I need to do to the production server to allow a smooth transition onto the domain? Things such as permissions for the website. I do not want to be running around resetting all the permissions. The Group Policy on the DC is completely default. Should I add the DNS manually or allow it to add itself? Anything else I left out.

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