Gizmodo Made No Money On Their iPhone 4G Scoop Blog Posts

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Published on Fri, 23 Apr 2010 18:29:44 +0000 Indexed on 2010/04/23 18:34 UTC
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Amit Agarwal of Labnol reported couple of days ago that Gizmodo would have made $150,000 from the iPhone 4G scoop that revealed  all the secrets about iPhone 4G. But the reality seems to be entirely different. Gawker Media owner Nick Denton says that "There were no immediate revenue benefits whatsoever — in fact, only costs,"(via businessinsider)

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Gizmodo paid $5,000 to get hold of iPhone 4G which was lost by an Apple Engineer at a bar after his birthday party. Plus an additional amount of $7000 is spent on keeping the servers up to server 23 page views attracted by the iPhone 4G blog posts.

Irrespective of whether Gizmodo made profits or not, they got huge publicity. But at the same time Apple should be very angry with Gizmodo for derailing it’s planned unveiling of the product. We have to wait and see what action Apple is going to take against Gizmodo.

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