Php 2d array as C# 2d array/struct

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I'm using MailChimp's API to subscribe email to a list. Function listsubscribe() is used for email subscription:

public static  listSubscribe(string apikey, string id, string email_address, array merge_vars, string email_type, boolean double_optin, boolean update_existing, boolean replace_interests, boolean send_welcome)

I downloaded MailChimp's official .NET wrapper for their API

When looking in Visual Studio, this is one of overloaded functions:

listSubscribe(string apikey, string id, string email_address, MCMergeVar[] merges)

When I click on definition of MCMergeVar[], this comes out:

    public struct MCMergeVar
        public string name;
        public bool req;
        public string tag;
        public string val;

In a php example on MailChimp's website, this is how merges variable is declared:

$merge_vars = array('FNAME'=>'Test', 'LNAME'=>'Account', 'INTERESTS'=>'');

How to write this array correctly for my C# wrapper? I tried something like this:

MCMergeVar[] subMergeVars = new MCMergeVar[1];
subMergeVars["FNAME"] = "Test User";

But it requires an int in place where "FNAME" is now placed, so this doesn't work...

Thanks in advance, Ile

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