Avoid XmlDocument validating namespaces in C#

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I'm trying to find a way of indenting a HTML file, I've been using XMLDocument and just using a XmlTextWriter.

However I am unable to format it correctly for HTML documents because it checks the doctype and tries to download it.

Is there a "dumb" indenting mechanism that doesnt validate or check the document and does a best effort indentation? The files are 4-10Mb in size and they are autogenerated, we have to handle it internal - its fine, the user can wait, I just want to avoid forking to a new process etc.

Essentially, right now I use a MemoryStream, XmlTextWriter and XmlDocument, once indented I read it back from the MemoryStream and return it as a string. Failures happen for XHTML documents and some HTML 4 documents because its trying to grab the dtds. I tried setting XmlResolver as null but to no avail :(

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