Exchange 2007 - Mailbox Database Recovery

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Published on 2010-01-14T09:33:52Z Indexed on 2010/05/02 14:08 UTC
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Exchange 2007 edb

Can we restore Exchange edb (First storage group\mailbox database.edb) to another exchange server ?

Do I just copy the edb to the new exchange server and delete the first storage group\mailbox database.edb and replace it with this one ?

How can I get all the mailboxes from that (old) mailbox database.edb ?

I had a exchange 2007 server with 10 mailboxes, I have installed exchange on another machine and was thinking if I can do the above ? or is there any way I can get all the mailboxes from that edb (old mailbox database) and import them into the new one.

I have deleted the old exchange install I had (these are test machines)

What are the steps required to get the DB working on the new machine ?

Also, I am confused about the recovery storage group ?

I can mount a mailbox database in recovery storage group, but when I try to get mailbox out of it, it won't match any thing ? can someone please assist in understanding RSG and how to restore the OLD mailbox database.

thanks and regards Phrontiste

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