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We would like to set-up a live video-chat web site and are looking for basic recomendations for software and hardware set-up.

  • Most streams will be broadcast live from a single person with a web cam, etc., and viewed by typically 1-10 people, although there could be up to 100+ viewers on the high side.

  • Audio and video do not have to be super-high quality, but do need to be "good enough". The main point is to convey the basic info in the video (and audio). If occasionally the frame-rate drops low and then goes back to normal fairly soon, we could live with that.

  • Budget is an issue, so we are in general looking for a lower cost solution that will give us most of what we need in temers of performance and quality.

  • We are looking at Peer1 for co-lo.

  • The rest of our web site will be .Net / Windows platform. We are open to looking at any platform for the best streaming solution, although our technical expertise is currently more on the Windows side.

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