PHP ODBC MDB Access on a Cloud Server

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Hopefully quick question....

I have a .MDB file stored on my webserver and I'm trying to connect to it. I have no way of "registering" it with a name in ODBC.

Is the only way to connect to it by specifying the absolute page of the .mdb file?

$mdbFilename = "./db/Scora.mdb"; $connection = odbc_connect("Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};Dbq=$mdbFilename","","");

if (!$connection) { echo "Couldn't make a connection!"; }

$sql = "SELECT ID FROM ScoraRegistrations"; $sql_result = odbc_prepare($connection,$sql); odbc_execute($sql_result); odbc_result_all($sql_result,"border=1"); odbc_free_result($sql_result); odbc_close($connection);

It never connects.

Any thoughts?

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