How to "bubble" a Controls features when place in a custom UserControl

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I'll try to explain what Im after. I dont know the technical term for it, so here goes:

Example 1: If I place a LisView on a Form and add som columns I am able, in Design-Time, to click-and-drag the columns to resize them.

Example 2: Now, I place a ListView in a UserControl and name it "MyCustomListView" (and perhaps add some method to enhance it somehow).

If I know place the "MyCustomListView" on a Form I am unable to click-and-drag the column headers to resize them in Design-Time.

Is there any way to easily make that happen? Some form of "pass the click-and-drag event to the underlying control and let that control do its magic". Im not really looking to recode, just pass on the mouseclick (or whatever it is) and let the, in this case, ListView react as it did in the first example above.


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