Removing malware of a particular kind

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I need to remove some malware from my computer. It is a trojan, and very annoying. It blocks access to Google and search sites. The trojan, with its name spelled out on each line cause it seems to block sites when i reference it in a url, is

a r t (some text to mess it up) e m (more text i s

First off, what is it, what does it do? Second, why can't I access google or yahoo or any other search sites at all?

Third, can it be removed via McAffee? It says it quarantined it when I scanned

I found a suspicious process "c"s"r"s"s".exe and it will not let me terminate it, and this is what Mcaffee says it is. Why on earth isn't Mcaffee getting rid of it? I even blocked internet access for this program.

Thanks so much, I get kinda freaked out with things like this...

Here is my entire Hosts file:

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