lwjgl applets 101: How can I write them?

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I have a working app in lwjgl. It doesn't do much yet; I've just started, but it does compile and run like it's supposed to. I want to make it into an applet. I've followed the guide here, and I have an applet that runs nicely and displays text and such in the applet area and can access the functions of lwjgl (like Sys.alert), but I can't figure out how to get opengl to actually render. I've tried extending an AWTGLCanvas and calling this.add(myAWTGLCanvas), where this is the Applet that I'm using, but... nothing. The initGL() and paintGL() methods never get called. I wonder if I'm supposed to be doing something with Display, but that's not for applets, right? Help?

Also: This counts as a "beginner" question, right?

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