Domains propagation issues.

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Published on 2010-05-11T09:10:40Z Indexed on 2010/05/11 9:14 UTC
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Hello to all.

I got very strange issue, really weird.

On weekend, May 9th I changed my server location from US to UK. Of course, everything works correctly excluding domains. There's something wrong.

I got few domains on this server but I still cannot access them. When I try from the other location it works correctly. The most funny situation is that everything is working correctly from my girlfriend's work, about 500 meters from our house, but they have another ISP. It also works when I access the domains via proxy server.

I checked informations and everything seems to be working.

On Sunday and today morning I was able to access my domains but only for a while. When I refreshed website second time I got error "Firefox was not able to connect server". Since then I'm still getting this error.

Could it be my ISP fault?

Regards, Andrew

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