How do I detect when a cell's value has changed in Silverlight?

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Hey folks,

I'm working in Silverlight, trying to figure out how to set a grid cell font color based on the contents of the cell.

I have an ObservableCollection bound to a DataGrid, and my items implement INotifyPropertyChanged so the grid updates as I change the values; it's all working perfectly, including letting me sort items and keep the sorting while I update the underlying items.

I know I can use the LoadingRow event to change colors, but the only way I can get the event to fire is by changing the grids datasource, in which case my sorting goes out the window.

So, what I really want is a way to either 1) loop the rows in the datagrid, find the cell I need, and change it's color or 2) implement a custom column that I can use to dynamically set the color. The problem is how to actually do either of those things :)

All suggestions welcome.

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